Virgil is a mental health care company on a mission to make care accessible to all. As an incubated company at Cold Start, I sat on the brand team as a Senior Copywriter, working with empathy to meet people where they're at to help them get back on their feet, fast.

Therapy Landing Page​​​​​​​
One of Virgil’s core programs is Accelerated Therapy, an intensive therapy program designed to get you back on your feet in as little as 4 weeks. Formerly known as intensive outpatient therapy (IOP), Virgil wanted to reposition the offering in hopes of better empathizing with the target audience and increasing conversion. 

The goal of the project was to increase conversion by re-positioning intensive outpatient therapy (IOP) to Accelerated Therapy and make the messaging more informative and compelling.

To ground myself in the goal, I conducted an audit of current content and completed a competitive analysis. The result was two messaging hypotheses: Immediate Ignition and Rapid Relief.

Immediate Ignition hypothesis: By positioning Accelerated Therapy (IOP) as an immediate, approachable step toward getting back on your feet soon, we’ll increase conversion because we’ll have deciphered and crystallized the easiest first step toward better health.

Rapid Relief hypothesis: By positioning Accelerated Therapy (IOP) as a rapid solution to relieve the weight of carrying unbearable times alone, we’ll increase conversion because we’ll provide assurance that the pain isn’t permanent and there are real, qualified people to help taps away.

After reviewing with the team, we decided to test the performance of the Rapid Relief hypothesis on a landing page.

The landing page achieved a 17% conversion rate, the highest performing landing page in the history of the company
Below are select ads I created for Virgil. My role involved concepting, content design, and copywriting.
Weekly Wisdom Emails
During my time with Virgil, we kicked off an email series to offer value to our users instead of always asking for something. The result was our Weekly Wisdom series: A weekly email series that delivers one piece of mental health advice each week to help you get back on your feet. 

I named the series, concepted the content, designed the email UX, and wrote the copy.
Direct Mail
We frequently experimented with new mediums at Virgil, one being direct mail. Below are variations on the direct mail campaigns we sent. 

I concepted the positioning and theme, designed the UX, and wrote the copy for the postcards.

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