Twine is an app that provides financial advice, automated money management, and empowers users to manage multiple savings goals solo or with a partner. Below you'll find a selection of branding, ad campaigns, emails, notifications, app store creatives, and UX writing that I worked on during my time as Lead Copywriter at Twine.

UX Writing
I served a dual role at Twine as the sole marketing copywriter and UX writer. My UX projects spanned from onboarding screens to awareness-driving mechanisms. Here are a few that make me smile.
Onboarding Carousel
As one of my first projects at Twine, I audited the onboarding flow. I identified the high drop off from the carousel, and I felt the original copy was not as clear as possible and did not always convey the correct value proposition.

For example, in one of the original screens, the header read “Powered by John Hancock.” Users might not know what John Hancock is and might not care. I proposed to change the header to “150 years of trust.” This change gets at the root of the value of being backed by John Hancock — showing, not telling.

I used this same methodology to go about improving the rest of the onboarding flow. I improved the clarity, the value shown and spiced up the brand and tone in places.
Retirement Calculator

We needed to produce a mechanism to drive Traditional IRA account creations that required no math and little engineering build. After brainstorming various ideas, we decided a minimalist calculator could do the trick.

In my writing process, I focused on the idea that “saving a little now could become a lot.” I felt this theme not only conveyed a fact but was digestible and something a user could envision.
In this project, I felt particularly challenged in creating the header “How much $$ could you have in 30 years?” I realized the header, not the body copy, needed to prompt the user. I decided to ask a question to create a personal connection with the user. “30 years” was something buried in legalese that I brought to the forefront. 

You can click and scroll on the iPhone mockup to the right to view the experience.
Under Construction Modal
As Lead Copywriter, I was the voice of Twine. Below are some brand guidelines I created to establish whom Twine is to the world.
Twine participated in FinCon 2019, a financial convention hosted in Washington D.C., and hosted a subsequent party for the attendees. As a token of Twine's appreciation for our financial advice counterparts, we wanted to give them a gift to take home. I created a cheeky slogan featured on a black tote and the front of a thank you card. I also wrote a heartfelt note that was typeset on the back of the thank you note.
Ad Campaigns
One of my roles on Twine's design team was to actualize and iterate on ad campaigns and marketing concepts. These campaigns touched on a wide array of platforms, both new and veteran, including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Firefly (mobile billboards,) and TikTok.

The following ads were designed for Snapchat and TikTok.
This ad ended up being the highest performing ad in the company's history. We capitalized on the text messaging style trend and, together with a relatable, organic voice, achieved success.
These banner ads were created for a platform called Firefly, which places mobile billboards on top of cars. The challenge posed by this positioning is that the ad physically moves. The viewer will most likely only catch a couple of seconds, and from that, they need to know what the product is and where to get it.

We ran ads in New York City and Dallas. Each ad is eight seconds long and tailored to its location. I used humor as an attention-grabber and followed up with a phone that displays screens from within the app, alongside examples of savings goals.
The following campaign was designed to explore audience reception to "native" ads, meaning advertisements that mimic the environment in which they are shown or the device itself. We pitted this native style against a classic billboard-esque ad format.

The focus was on vacation goals, with the variations breaking off into specific types of destinations. We hypothesized that we would see the highest performance from the native-style ads, and the theory proved to be true. Though the other ads were close runner-ups, the native ads showed higher conversion rates and lower CBACs (cost per brokerage accounts completed).

The native ads mimicked the reception of a push notification from Twine while taking a photo in a desirable vacation spot. The destinations included generic coastal, desert (#vanlife), forest, and city themes. Of the native ads, the forest theme (green) had the highest performance.
This ad test looked at value props vs. goals and how voice affects performance. I created two variations of each direction, one with more straightforward copy and one with a hint of humor.

Between the four ads, we saw the highest performance from the value props. Between the value props, the straightforward copy outperformed the humorous variation. 
App Store Optimization
Twine's storefront had been put on the back-burner before I joined the team. Once we had the bandwidth, I began to explore possible directions that we could take the storefront and breaking those down into testable variations.
Email & Push
One aspect of my work with Twine was assisting our Head of Lifecycle with email design and creation. I wrote a variety of emails spanning from upsells to product launches.
In the push notification below, we needed users to update their app so they could access our new retirement product. The goal was to get as many users as possible to update their app.

This push notification was particularly challenging to write. I had to entice the user to update their app, but I couldn’t say why because the team wanted a notification they could use again in the future.

Without being able to be specific, I was drawn to the idea of a gift. A new version of an app is a gift in a way, and, when I think of gifts, I think of birthdays. This push resulted in 21% of users sent the push notification updated their app (9.8% average reaction rate for finance).
At Twine, one of my responsibilities was contributing to the Twine blog. I wrote everything from one-off posts to complete guides. Below is an example of the kind of content I wrote for the Twine blog.

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