At PetSmart, I sat on the proprietary brands packaging team, working across 11 pet brands to craft unique voices and messages for each. My role as a Copywriter led me to learn how to develop brands and brand voices from the end-to-end experience. Here are some examples of my work from my time there.

One of my biggest projects at PetSmart was building a pet outdoor brand from scratch. I worked with two designers to develop the essence of the brand, owning name ideation, voice, tone, and messaging. As part of our explorations, I wrote three unique brand stories for three potential directions we were considering taking the brand.
We decided to move forward with the "Nomad" brand essence, but we were still exploring the right name. Below you'll see examples of the "Nomad" brand voice and tone in execution (the name "Sonoran Trail" was something we were playing around with.)
I worked across 11 proprietary PetSmart brands in my role. Below are samples of some work I'm proud of across the brands I worked on.

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