At Netflix, I sat on the growth team as a Content Designer focused on global payments. Here are some examples of my work from my time at Netflix.

Fawry is a cash-based payment method in Egypt, a challenging market for Netflix. We hypothesized that offering Fawry as cash payment solution in Egypt would lead to a big uplift in acquisition and a gain in realized revenue.

New User Flow
Paying with Fawry works very differently than most payment methods we are used to. 

To pay for Netflix as a new user with Fawry, you would enter your phone number so Netflix could text you a reference number. You would take this reference number to a local Fawry retail location and make your cash purchase within 48 hours of initiating your membership.

During this 48-hour period, you wouldn't be allowed to watch content, only browse the Netflix library. As soon as you pay, all of Netflix becomes unlocked.
Member Flow
Since Fawry is a non-recurring payment method, we need to remind users to make an additional payment to keep their subscription active. To do so, we surface multiple messages, including the in-product message shown below. Once a user generates a new reference code, the steps are the same as the flow above.
Online Banking
Online banking allows a new user to pay for Netflix using their bank account. To do so, they log in to their bank using a service called Plaid. The team hypothesized that offering online banking as a payment method in the US would reduce processing costs and prevent more customers from involuntarily churning.

To the left, you can see an example of the online banking experience. Feel free to click through on the iPhone mockup to experience it for yourself.
Self-Serve Account Recovery
Netflix had over 3.3M customer service contacts related to suspicious account activity in 2019. The majority of these users contacted customer service because they had lost access to their account and needed customer service to help them regain access.

One way users lose access to their account is when a fraudulent person takes over an account and changes the email address on file. This means the original, real user no longer knows the correct login information and needs to contact customer service to understand what to do next and have their account access restored. 

We hypothesized that a self-service account recovery flow for users whose account has been taken over would allow users to update their account details and regain access to Netflix without contacting customer service. This would ideally result in faster account recovery and a meaningful decrease in overall customer service call volume.

Below you'll find an outline of the flow as well as the assets that correspond.
V1 Flow: Real user does not add a phone number
V2 Flow: Real user adds a phone number

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