As a UX Writer at Fitbit, I owned the world of Fitbit's Premium membership. That means I wrote in-app copy for all Fitbit Premium programs, challenges, games, and habit nudges. Below you'll find a collection of a few of my favorite projects from my time at Fitbit.

Premium Upsell
Fitbit launched its Premium product in mid-2019 with the goal of hitting 100,000 subscribers by the end of the year. I joined Fitbit in November 2019, and the company was still a ways away from hitting this goal. We needed to get scrappy and experiment with ways to drive traffic to our Premium product.

Working with product, we decided to test a series of in-app notifications. The notifications would drive users to the Premium membership sign-up screen by promoting different offerings available with Premium. One of the first notifications we tested upsold Premium's programs offering, which are in-app, guided plans that help users achieve health goals. ​​​​​​​

Below are several copy variants I wrote, with the one selected to launch with placed in the iPhone.
After running for seven days, the program's upsell notification drove a 7x spike in traffic to the Premium membership sign-up screen.
Get Fit Bingo
Get Fit Bingo is a fun Fitbit game in which users compete to fill a bingo board by hitting activity goals. Games such as Get Fit Bingo were built to entice users to convert to a Premium account. Users can play them on a trial basis, after which they have to upgrade to Premium. In this project, I worked with product design, game design, product, and engineering to craft a fun, clear experience.  

You can click and scroll on the iPhone mockup to view the experience.
Get More ZZZ's Onboarding Iteration
Get More ZZZ's is a Fitbit Premium program designed to help members get more quantity of sleep. Driven to improve the experience for our users, I embarked upon designing a new onboarding experience along with a product designer and product manager.

The goal of Get More ZZZ's onboarding is to understand a user's sleep health so we can set them up with a personalized program. Through this iteration, we wanted to make the user feel safe and trust that they are in the hands of expert guidance. To make a user feel trust and a sense of credibility, we elaborated on our methodology and incorporated our own research throughout the experience. 

A user should exit onboarding with a clear understanding of their goal in the program and what to expect over the next two weeks.​​​​​​​
Below you'll see the original version and the onboarding iteration.
Click and scroll on the iPhone mockups to view the experience

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