Chime is a banking service with the mission to provide its members with financial peace of mind. Below you'll find a selection of lifecycle initiatives I worked on during my time as Copywriter at Chime.

Request Money Reminders
Chime has a feature that allows you to pay and request money from friends and family. Currently, a member receiving a request only receives one text informing him or her that a request was made.

We wanted to implement triggered reminder notifications for requestees who have yet to take an action on their request (either decline or accept). The hypothesis was that sending a trigger to members who have yet to take action on a money request will increase the percentage of members who do complete the request and will reduce the time to request completion.

To accomplish this, I created two series of emails, push notifications, and texts to be sent 7 days after the request was made and 13 days after (one day before the request expires.) You can see the execution below.  
Day 7 – communications sent to requestee
Day 13 – communications sent to requestee
Credit Builder Reporting Email
Credit Builder is a Chime-offered credit card that helps members build credit without getting into debt. 

It's a complicated product, and we wanted to improve new member retention, drive card usage, and reduce member anxiety by providing members with a clear explanation of what/when we report to Credit Bureaus and how this may impact their credit scores. 

Members were feeling and discussing the pain of missed expectations when they see their scores drop when using third party services such as Credit Karma. This may hurt the Chime brand and cause members to churn before we have a chance to demonstrate that continued use with regular on-time payments will likely heal, and even improve, their scores over time.

Below is an email aimed at accomplishing just that. 
Direct Deposit Email Refresh
The primary action Chime wants members to take is setting up direct deposit. Currently, the email to the left is triggered when a member requests a direct deposit form to share with HR. 

Not only does that email lack the Chime brand personality, but it fails to address the specific steps needed to complete one's direct deposit set up. Additionally, there's been significant feedback that the email to the left is confusing and members have unclear action items.

To improve on that, I worked with design to recreate that email (recreation seen to the right.) This new email aimed at educating members exactly how to set up direct deposit, and it even offers them alternative instructions.

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